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2018 will be end soon. What is your wish in 2019?

Come to us, you can write it down & pray @our lounge !

All the wishes will be post on the board on January 2nd, 2019.

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No need to explain, our poster tells U all the things!

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    In Spring, Sakura is around all Japan (& us).
    How about Autumn?


   Autumn leaves started quietly in Hakone and our entrance!
   Would you like to "join" that color changing with us?


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Our guest shown us a great paint today!
Come to Hakone to figure out the location!

Thank you, Sean.

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I had 2 BIG Chiffon Cakes for my breakfast yesterday!!

When I leave my apartment yesterday morning, I saw those beautiful mountains
in front of me! They were look like Chiffon Cake with icing sugar. At last, I thought it was too much for breakfast, so I saved one for my tea time, haha!


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Let it snow 音符音符音符 Let it snow 音符音符音符 Let it snow! 音符音符音符音符音符 雪雪雪



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huh∼∼∼ You have lots of photos of Hakone that you'd like to share with us but
have no idea how?
Oh! You'd like to share your Hakone experience with others?
And you! You'd like to tell everyone about a great time that you had at
K's House Hakone?

Great! We have some goodies for you!

Welcome to our facebook and Instagram!

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