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Greeting from K’s House Takayama

Takayama was really cold a few weeks ago, but it got warm again.

By the way, I went to K’s House Ito Onsen last week, to see my coworkers who I used to work with in Ito.
Again, as you can imagine, Sashimi (raw fish) is really fresh and tasty! (and cheap)

K's House Ito is located neaby fabulous beaches!

Ito Onsen was wonderful and Ito was soooo warm, surprisingly!
You need your warm jacket here, but I did not need any jacket at all during daytime there.
Izu peninsula must be the warmest place in Japan, except for Okinawa.

Regarding to Onsen, we have popular Onsen around Takayama area.

1, Gero Hot Spring

Gero Hot Spring is considered one of the three most famous hot springs in Japan.
Access: By JR train (970JPY)
By Nohi bus (1,040 JPY)

2, Hirayu hot spring

Access: By Nohi bus (1,570 JPY /one-way from Takayama bus terminal)
It is located at 1,250 m above sea level.
There are about 40 sources of hot springs scattered throughout the area of Hirayu Onsen.
It would be easier to go around Takayama area with a car, but if you do love to go Hirayu, this is super nice and you can enjoy different types of hot spring and different temperature.


You will enjoy the smell of sulfur.
Are you ready to acquire the beautiful skin you’ve wanted?
It is something you love to do in winter, when you are in Japan.

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Here is getting colder and colder.星
Last week, when I went to Nagano, the Mountain pass was awesome and just the right time for autumn leaves.


One week later…
Some mountains were covered with snow!!
It was snowing a little bit in the morning.


As one of the popular destination, Kamikochi will hold the Closing Ceremony on 15th November, 2016. It seems like the trail are covered with snow at this moment.



Next week, Takayama will get down to below zero, so when you are planning to come to Takayama, bring some warm jacket, knit hat, a pair of gloves, and boots, and be ready for winter in Japan!


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The other day, I visited K’s House Hakuba, with my ex-helper from Germany.
Nagano prefecture is famous for Oyaki. (おやき)

As you can see above, Oyaki is flat baked flour, stuffed with some ingredient.
Typical ingredients are, vegetable filling, eggplant, red bean paste, and pumpkin.

There was a place where we could have an experience to bake Oyaki.

Unfortunately, when we arrived there late so we missed the opportunity, however, we could eat Oyaki (eggplant/vegetable filling).


Also it was great to visit another K’s House branches, and we enjoyed the atmosphere (like New Zeland) with small kids around, and we played the card game!

If you drive a car, it’s really cool to visit the place.
It costs only 550 JPY オッケー I'd like to try to bake my original Oyaki next time I get to Hakuba!

Thank you love

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What is the image of Takayama?

You may imagine the alpine village of Kamikochi, Norikura, Hida village, and a lot of Norther Alps.
One of Japan’s Northen Alps, so to called Yakedake (Mt.Yake) is popular for hikers.
Yakedake is an active volcano. (2,455-meter elevation)太陽

Yakedake has two main approaches, and I took one called Nakanoyu.
The Nakanoyu trail is the shortest but the steepest one.
After one hour by going through the dense forest, you will come to a trail junction.

After the junction, the trail starts to become steeper and steeper with a lot of rocks.

Also there are some log steps, which is cool.

I thought I made to the topチョキ The trail opened up and you could see this view.

I was wondering if I made to the top or not, and when I looked ahead, I could see narrow trail along the base of some cliffs. Scary!
This was the most dangerous and scary part of this hike. The hot volcanic steam was rising up and the smell was quite strong at that point.

From the summit of Yakedake, I was able to see Kamikochi.

However, the popular trail is from Kamikochi, especially for guests who do not have a car.
*There are a bus stop ‘Naka-no-yu near the trail I took, but Kamikochi is within easy accessオッケー
Either way, I am pretty sure that you would enjoy nice valley on the trail, with lovely secnary!


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Hello everybodyチョキ

K’s House Takayama Oasis opened on 19th March, 2016にぱっ
Nearly three months has passed already. Time flies so quickly, isn’t it?ダッシュ

So on my day off, I went to Kamikochi(上高地) with my lovely ex-helper, whom I met in Ito. Actually, one of my ex-helpers from Ito, was working at Kamikochi, so we got together.
This picture was taken on the Kappa Bridge.オッケー
Very very famous spot for a picture!!

The trail was very nice, and mostly flat.

Hearing the sounds of river flow, and birds sing, were just amazing and so healing.

If you are lucky, you are able to see monkeyslove
And a little baby, too..

There are more hiking trails starting from Kamikochi.
Here is information about how to get to Kamikochi.
You are required to transfer at Hirayu-hotspring bus terminal.

Bus runs every an hour from Takayama, and every 30 mins from Hirayu bus terminal.バス


If you are not “ a hiker “ but still like to walk and chill out, Kamikochi is the place you have to be at!


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Hiya everyone!
Here in Takayama it is getting cool and ready for Autumn soon!


One weeks ago, I went to Night Festival Market with our staffs and guests!
Nomally we have morning markets every day, but a few days in summerm, we have a special night market!! Yaaaaay:)


There are some markets, we can buy Japanese pickles, peach, grilled corn, rice cake, our local crafts. Every food's soooo yummy!


Also we join the game"Rock sissors and papers"!!
If you win the game we get free food ticket!!
Our Spanish guets got awards!!! Hooray:)


We also enjoyed some activity, picking up the water ballon with fragile fishing pole!!
Our staff from Taiwan and New Zealand and our guest from Spain did great job!!
They made it to pick several balookns!!
However for me,,,, I could pick only ONE, wheeeeeeewwwwww!!


Our lovely staff also get ballon present from local people!!


Let's enjoy the rest of summer!!
Tomoe: )
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Hello everyone!
It's very hot hot hot day!!!! How's it going??

みなさん、こんにちは! 毎日暑いですね!

We have Star Festival party!
-->Nomally Star Festival is 7th July,
  but here in Takayama is mountain / snow town.
  So some of the events are held 1 month behind. so it is on 7th August.


We cooked Beef +rice with special spy sauce and salad,etc
Before eating, photo with our guests:)


(Before eating meal, Japanese people say "Itadakimasu"
to show thankful for all food!)


Also we emjoy ORIGAMI for star festival display.


Then we also cooked rice cake for today's spacial dessert!!!!
そして本日の目玉!! デザート用に白玉だんごをみんなで作って。。。。

Watermelon fruit punch soda!! Ummmmmmm yumyumyum:D

Thank you for joing our dinner party, great time with you guys!!! ARIGATO----!!

Guests from Spain

Guest form Viet nam

Family guests from Spain

Our staff from Taiwan

Guests from Denmark and our staff from NZ

Guests from Spain

Guests from France, Switerland and Belgium

Guests from Spain

Let's enjoy hot summer!!

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