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Hello, everybody!!

This event, Setsu bun - Eho maki, is BACK again in 2019
and is the third time to do this event.

Sushi Role, Eho maki

It has already become a tradition that "the blue devil" comes to K's house Kyoto every year.

We appreciate for your attendance to the event
and hope you all enjoyed so much to make Sushi role (Eho-maki) together.

Setsu Bun (節分) means the day switching Winter and Spring,
so 3rd February is the day before of Spring.

There is myth that devil comes to houses and bring bad fortune,
so we eat soy beans, which is belived the beans have power to stay the devil away from you.

Also, we make sushi role, (恵方巻き Eho-maki: Fortuned direction sushi role)
and pray for long life while we looked toward the very good fortune direction,
which is East-North-East and little bit East.

Here is some pictures about the event!!

Everybody made their own ideal Sushi role!!
It is Yammy~ Yammy~

When one of the staff entered the Kitchen,
Devil Michi was eating Sushi role with terrible look on his face at last.

If you have not joined Setsubun, Eho-maki event,
please join us...devil would be happy and eat your Sushi role at last...

K's house Kyoto
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